This page presents all paper accepted in every MSR4P&S workshop so far.

Colocated @ ESEC/FSE 2022 (Singapore, Online)

# Authors Title/PrePrint Link
W1 Samiha Shimmi, Mona Rahimi Software Repositories for Patternizing Attack-and-Defense Co-Evolution.
W2 Feiyang Tang, Bjarte M. Østvold Assessing Software Privacy using the Privacy Flow-Graph
W3 Sahrima Jannat Oishwee, Zadia Codabux, Natalia Stakhanova An Exploratory Study on the Relationship of Smells and Design Issues with Software Vulnerabilities
W4 Joanna Cecilia da Silva Santos, Xueling Zhang, Mehdi Mirakhorli Counterfeit-Object Oriented Programming Vulnerabilities: An Empirical Study in Java
W5 Mohammed Latif Siddiq, Joanna Cecilia da Silva Santos SecurityEval Dataset: Mining Vulnerability Examples to Evaluate Machine Learning-Based Code Generation Techniques [ Preprint ]