All the people involved in MSR4P&S

Organisation Committee Members

The MSR2P&S organization committee organizes the individual workshops and takes care of attracting relevant and interesting publications. We thank the current and former organization committee members for support of MSR2P:

Dr Melina Vidoni is a lecturer at the Australian National University, Australia. Her main research interests are mining software repositories, technical debt, software development, and empirical software engineering when applied to data science and scientific software. She graduated from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional as an Information Systems Engineer, and received her Ph.D. from the same institution, with the maximum qualification. She founded R-Ladies Santa Fe in 2018.
Related Service Duty: Since 2018, she is an associate editor for rOpenSci, an open organisation that peer-reviews R packages, and completed three terms as Editor-in-Chief. She has been on the program committee of several high-ranking conferences, including ICPC, MSR, ICSME, ASE and MODELS, and has also reviewed for several journals including IST.
Twitter: @melvidoni

Dr Nicolás Díaz-Ferreyra is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Software Security of Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. His research stands at the intersection of human-computer interaction and privacy engineering. Particularly, he is interested in the application of AI and "digital nudging" to cybersecurity decision-making processes. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Duisburg-Essen where he worked as a postdoctoral fellow and coordinator of the research training group "User-Centred Social Media" funded by the German Research Association. He also took part in the H2020 project "PDP4E: Methods and tools for GDPR compliance through privacy and data-protection engineering".
Related Service Duty: In 2021, he co-organised the first workshop on adverse impacts and collateral effects of AI technologies (AIofAI'21) at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). He has served as a PC member in several conferences and workshops including the International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (IFIP-SEC), the International Symposium on Foundations and Practice of Security (FPS), and the International Workshop on Data Privacy Management (DPM).
Twitter: @nicolasediaz

Dr Zadia Codabux is an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her research interests include empirical software engineering, technical debt, and software security. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Mississippi State University, USA. She is also passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives and is a regular attendee, speaker, and reviewer for the Computing Research Association's Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research, Grace Hopper Celebration, and the National Center for Women & Information Technology.
Related Service Duty: She has been on the organizing committee of TechDebt (2019-2022) and SANER (2022) and on the program committee of top-ranked conferences in software engineering, namely, ASE, FSE, ICSME, ICPC, CHASE, SANER, SEAA, TechDebt and a regular reviewer for journals such as IEEE Software, IST, JSS, and EMSE.
Twitter: @zadiacodabux

Program Committee Members

MSR4P&S would not be possible without the supporting expertise of its current and former program committee members. Thank you all! The full list of program committee members of each edition of the MSR4P&S workshop is available in its corresponding web page here.